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Spring has sprung...

What a fantastic weekend we've just had at Blue Lagoon, from the solar eclipse to lots of visitors making the most of the spring weather! 

We truly appreciate your support and thank you all for your well wishes and stopping by to see us this weekend.  It struck me that Martin and I have had our noses to the ground, battling on, and it was about time I updated you all on the latest with our battle with the tipping of coal spoil across the road.  

Basically, the EA have now verbally agreed with us and our hydrologist, that the tipping by UK Coal has been uncontrolled and has caused the principle aquifer and the same body of ground water that Blue Lagoon is connected, to be polluted. UK Coal are therefore responsible for the problems we now face with our water.  Great news and a big step forward.

The EA will as of Friday, hopefully put this in writing in a full report once it has been vetted by their legal department.

Once again, thanks for your kindness and support.  We are still very much an active dive centre by again being the leading PADI Dive Centre in the UK for certifications. So here's to another strong diving season for 2015 and hopefully the restoration of our water to it's pristine condition so we once again don't have to travel for it, like the other 300 dive centres in the country have to!