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Membership and Registration

Before you can dive at Blue Lagoon you must become a member. Joining is simple and costs £5.00 and must be renewed each year.

Day entry to the lagoon

Our daily fee is £10 per person. £5 for new membership or membship renewal.


We offer a full range of diver training courses. Prices vary according to each course. Please visit for a full list of course prices.

Air Fills

Charges are as follows: All 232 bar cylinders £3.00, 300 bar cylinders £3.50, Nitrox - price dependant on mix required (please note that twin sets are classed as two cylinders)

Equipment Rental

From £30 for full equipment hire per day - if you wish to hire a dry suit please ensure that you bring your dry suit qualification card with you - without this you will not be able to hire a dry suit.

All items of equipment are available to hire seperately as well, the prices below are per item per day regardless of how many dives you do:

Cylinder (inc first fill) £5

Regulators (inc console gauge & alternate) £10

BCD £10

Semi Dry Suit £10

Hood, Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Gloves and Ankle Weights are all £3 each

Weight belt or loose weights £5

Dry Suit £20

Full set up with Semi Dry Suit £30

Full set up with Dry Suit £40


We can service and repair all scuba equipment here at Blue Lagoon including Dry Suit, BCD, Cylinders, Computers and Regulators. As there are so many prices for all the different makes and models please contact us on 01977 621516 for any estimates required. Items can also be posted to us to service and we can post it back !